We are a reality born after almost 25 years of work and collaboration with large retailers and companies in the sector. We have experienced openings, renovations and changes of signs, managing anxieties and problems, but also enjoying great satisfactions for the results obtained. We have decided to make available to our customers the best of our experience by creating a slender structure that saves both costs and time, thanks to a direct research of external suppliers operating in different sectors (carpentry, carpentry, painting, processing of glass, Plexiglas). Our strong point is to offer the entire production cycle from concept to implementation and installation.



We have a team of professionals at 360° in the production sector, from points of sale to the GDO. Our twenty years’ experience "in the field" allow us to provide from the "all inclusive" project to just a single sign. We scrupulously select our collaborators to take care of every project in detail: graphic designers and technicians able to fit image books guidelines according to architectural requirements, collaborating with advertising agencies or proposing customized graphic projects. We have teams of specialized assemblers who work in full compliance with safety regulations and can solve all kinds of difficulties "at the minute". They do not leave "the field" until everything is perfectly installed and cleaned and every site is constantly supervised to guarantee quality and timing. Our sales representatives are prepared to offer the best solutions for signs, posters, papermaking, furniture and shelving.


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